Herbal Equilibrium

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3 out of 5.

Herbal Equilibrium is a formula meant to help women who are going through menopause. During this time, symptoms can range from mild to severe. Supplements such as this one are designed to help make menopause more bearable.

The most important element in the formula may be the black cohosh extract. It is very popular in menopausal supplements, as it is said that it can be very effective in making hot flashes much easier to bear. It also may have an effect on some of the other symptoms of menopause.

The trio of wild yam, chaste tree berry, and passionflower have been used for ages to help people keep a stable state of mind. This may be especially helpful to women who are going through menopause (or perimenopause), as these women can experience some severe mood swings accompanied by much irritability. Over a period of time, this can easily lead to bouts of depression.

They also include Ashwagandha. It is an herbal extract that is thought to help women stabilize their libidos; during menopause, women can often see a rapid or drastic in their sex drive. This is one area that can cause problems for women, especially concerning the interworkings of their spousal relationships.

- may relieve many menopausal symptoms
- may help with hormonal imbalance

- may take weeks before results are seen
- not for pregnant or nursing women

- Red Clover Extract
- Ashwagandha
- Passionflower
- Chaste Tree Berry
- Kudzu
- Wild Yam
- Black Cohosh

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